April 25, 2015

Yet another earring stand

For some reason spring always gets my blogging inspiration to lift its head. It must be the sun and natural light. The fact that I might actually get home in time to shoot some pictures of things that I do. It is a fact that the best way for me to relax is by doing-it-myslef (DIM, no wait, is it DIY insted?).

Anyways. I know I should be reading and doing math 24/7 for the next three weeks (only three weeks!!), but I just cannot function like that. I need to do things with my hands, and fix things that bother me and seem to be needing it. This time I found a problem with my earrings. Again.

I own quite many stud earrings, and when in hurry in morning, it is a pain in my butt to go through the little bowl filled with them. All nice and disorganised. So one fine evening after long day of reading about statistical testing and correlations (yei), I decided to do something with them.

I found this pretty easy and lovely looking DIY in Pinterest (where else). And decided to give it my little touch. Since we don't have dollar stores in Finland I marched into a Tiger, IKEA and DIY store called Sinooperi (thank you Scandinavian entrepreneurship)

All I needed was:

About 5 sheets of crafting felt (Sinooperi)
Deep photo frame (Tiger)
Some nice fabric (IKEA)
Needle and thread or a hot clue gun
(I'll later use some clue for stick)


What to do:

1. roll the felt into rolls to fit into the photo frame.
2. sew some fabric around the rolls.
3. fill the frame with the rolls and clue them while at it
4. push down the fabric sticking out (look instructions from here)

2015 2015-002

Tada! Mine is not perfect yet, since I'm still waiting for a hot clue gun. But as long as you keep the frame horizontal, it does to job very well.


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