December 2, 2013

8 loves

Finally got time to sit down and finish this post. Have been writing this throughout the last two weeks. This mainly due to my lack of time which results me coming home late and having something else to do or no time at all. And because of the lovely winter of Finland I obviously go to school when it is dark and come back again when it is dark, which means I never get to take pictures in daylight and simply do not have time to fix a place to take photos in poor light, resulting this post without pictures.

Also, I must say it was soooo hard coming up with these for some reason. Mainly because I already have this.

1. Flowers. I'm total flower girl. I love flowers in real, in picture and in prints and those prints on clothes, walls, boxes, curtains. I love to draw flowers and I love to see them in the spring. Generally flowers just make me happy.

2. Museums. I think my love for museums comes from my grandpa. When I was in primary school (and maybe even before that), one of the best things to do with my grandparents was to got to a museum. I love both art and history museums. There is some kind of mystery to both of them. What has inspired the artist to do what they have created, or what was going on in the minds of people living in the time I now see in pictures and artifacts?

3. DIY's. Although I am in very academic IB, I love to do things with my hands also, and not always only focus things with my brain. I'm really bad in some of the crafts, like knitting. But I love to create something new from something old and do present by hand, since it will tell the receiver that I was really thinking him/her. at the moment I have few things in my mind I would love to execute if I have time. Would love to make some changes of dress of mine before Christmas holidays.

4. Brown leather. I was going to post some pictures of few new things I have found during this autumn and which all had something common. All of them were from brown leather. Then I bought black leather boots, so that's that. Any way, I just love brown leather more than other materials in shoes and other easily wearing items, such as wallets and so on.

5. EYP (European Youth Parliament). As I was a journalist in the first northern Finland session, and organiser in my own town and just got home last weekend from the annual party AND will have EYP-cafe coming up soon, EYP obviously is on the top of my head. But it doesn't mean its not anyways. I think it might be one of the greatest addictions I have and unfortunately I have to put myself into rehab... After one EYP cafe, and couple of meetings. Okay not soon yet, but anyway. 

6. Fantasy books and fairytales have been one of my loves since primary school. Pretty much since I could read. Something about fairytales, fantasy and mystics fascinates me and keeps me reading. That's my I'm complete Harry Potter fan, have had great hours with Christipher Paolini's Inheritance Cycle, never say no to watching The Lord of the Rings and enjoy getting wrapped up in Alice in Wonderland.

7. Late nights and long mornings. I hate to go to sleep, but when I finally do (preferably as late as I can) I hate to wake up.

8.Watching tv-shows season after season. I'm a mass consumer of TV-series and I follow more than 10 different series at the moment and on top of that I have seen at least 4 series from beginning to their end. My newest addiction is Downton Abbey which I started yesterday and now have watched 4 episodes.

I'm trying to get this done before Christmas, so that I can post from my holiday ;)

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