December 15, 2013

5+1 songs

1. Paramore- The Only Exception
First time I ever heard this song I started to cry. The message and tale behind the lyrics were so similar to my live and experiences and I can never get over the feeling of it.

3. City and Colour- Sleeping Sickness

The first song my boyfriend ever recommended to me. Even though it is not a romantic song at all it reminds me of him everytime. I think he was the one that saved me, because did sometimes feel like I was going to break down because my dreams seemed like nothing they were meant to be.

4. Glee Cast- O Holy Night (and other Glee Christmas songs)

I'm not a kind of person who celebrates Chritmas because of religious reasons, but I looooove the mood of this song. Even more importantly I love to sing along this song.

5. Pariisin Kevät- Pikku Huopalahti

Always reminds me the best summer of my life

5. Sanni- Luodinkestävää

Just like The Only Exception, for some reason the lyrics of this song spoke to me. In addition, as weird it is, I really find myself liking Sanni. (sorry, there wasn't better clip in Youtube)

(+Imagine Dragons-  On Top of The World
I hope this song will later on become very important to me)

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