November 11, 2013

9 things I hate

I could start and end this post by only stating all the subjects I'm having exam this week and other school related stress I have right now, which I hate. But because I know that nobody likes gramming (well at least no one sane from majority of people), I don't want to bore you with it. Instead I'm going to complaing all the other things I right now and always hate.

1. The fact that I have no technical skills at all. Or more like I don't have the nerves to learn technical things. I prefer just somebody else doing them for me. Everything I can do with my computer (or any other technical device for that matter) is that I can open some simple programs and use them to the simple extent. My photoediting is at its babysteps for this same reason, I'm just too lazy to learn it. I just prefer doing taking good pictures so that I don't have to edit. Or painting and drawing by hand instead of using computer programs. That is why I used to do all my blog headings by hand from the very beginning. This is also the reason why my blog is not as pretty as it could be, I just hate HTML-codes, hate them.

2. Pickels. (I have no idea how this got lost at first). I hate everything that has been canned, with vinegar mostly. Vinegar makes me sick from my stomach. And I just can't stand the fact that our school puts pickles in the freaking fresh salad! It is like mixing ice-cream, mämmi and onions, just gross.

3. That people wear leggings without pants or long (actually ass-covering) shirt, skirt or a dress. 
I think I don't have to explain this any further...

4. People that do not have any opinions. It is a serious drag to try and have nice conversation with person who always answers "I don't know". Fundamental lack of opinions just makes me hate people, because it makes me think that they are actually so lazy that they don't even think. And the most annoying people are those who do not think.

5. People who do not follow the rules. As said before. I don't mean rules such as stupid junior high rules "you have to go out even when it is -30 degrees celcius", but kind of that people have agreed to do something together and then people do not go as planned.

"who cares" attitude really annoys me.

6. Horror movies. Yep. I'm sissy, but one was enough to make me hate them. The Strangers kept me up 2 nights in row. Never again. Not even oes that have supernatural things. If it says horror, it is not for me.

7. The sound of the Storage Wars actioneer when he is taking the bids/auctioning. I just have to turn my television mute everytime he opens is mouth. Otherwise I sometimes watch the show in my boredom while waiting something else to start or while I'm being bored to death when I'm sick.

8. Distance between me and my best friend.
I was going to put her in some other part of this challenge because this is the darkest part of it, but decided that this is worth of mentioning because I hate it so much. It is the thing that makes me feel most alone sometimes. I just wish she could be there when I really do not want to talk to anyone, because in the whole world she understands it somehow the best. I also would love to be there for her bad days. As I am really bad in texting and chatting, I sometimes wonder whether she knows how much I love her with all my heart. And I hate that feeling too.

9. Books where in the end the protagonist dies or which end unhappily. I know that some books need this to make it good, but I just don't like ending book feeling sad. That is why David Nicholls's One Day is still on my sad book -list and I'm not sure if I like it. I guess I have hate/love affair with these kind of books. 

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© Susa
(good example of technically lazy me, all done my marker and hand)


  1. Hei! Tajusin just et sul ja annul on tosi samanlainen tyyli piirtää! :D

    1. Ahahahaa, ei.
      Joo kummatki piirretään sarjakuvaa mut tyyli on kyl iha erilainen.
      Ensinnäki Annu on hyvä :D