October 2, 2013


With no further intros, I'm writing again!
I know that the page, as it is now, is hipster(ish), and imprefect, but so am I.
I will of course change more things around when I feel inspired.

The topic of inspiration brings me to the next thing. I have some new guidelines/rules for myself and this blog and they go as follows:

1. I will not write when I don't feel like it.
2. I will not write if I don't have anything to write about/inspiration
3. I will write in English or in Finnish, depending how I feel like 
4. I will try to take better pictures, and sometimes post without them
5. I will write about random things, whether someone likes them or not :)
6. I will not write when I don't feel like it. 
7. I will write for myself.

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