October 17, 2013

About happiness - Ollin Onni

It would be a huge generalization to say that I think most of the people know the feeling I’m about to start with. I could rather say that many people like me, people who are easily hurt and fragile, get easily stressed out and fervently miss people know what I’m talking about, when the whole world seems so heavy that all the colors seem grey. 

I know I’m using an enormous cliché. But it just describes very well how I sometimes feel like. For me it just means the inability to see beautiful and wonderful things around me. And especially for me, those things in many times depend on my eyesight and colors I see. Something very beautiful in its color makes me happy and vice versa. 

Because I have been past this autumn sometimes unable to see the beautiful colors around me, it was a wonderful feeling to go Kotka and see my best friend. All the colors around me suddenly came back and seemed so generous, even though I knew that the autumn colors in Turku were much brighter and richer. I even saw light blue, which I think is the easiest to miss as grey. And I was really happy to see again! 
We visited a lovely place called Ollin Onni! It has been a long long time since I have felt so surrounded my history and stories. It was almost as I could have heard all the lovely tales all those items had to tell us.

Lyhyesti suomeksi tällä kertaa:
Kotkassa vierailu sai mut pitkästä aikaan näkemään iloisia värejä, vaalea sininen yhtenä niistä. 

Ollin Onni upotti tarinoihin, joita kuvittelin esineille siellä. Pitkästä aikaan aikaan näin. 

 photo IMG_4241_zps19ae2a7e.jpg

 photo Muokatut1_zpsb69ec997.jpg

 photo Muokatut3_zpsa9dac342.jpg

 photo Muokatut2_zpsfa324e36.jpg

 photo IMG_4256_zpsa42d1a33.jpg

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  1. Oikeesti superkivaa ku kirjotat taas!! Syvällistä värisymboliikkaa havaittavissa ;)) haha