December 31, 2013

Key West breeze

In short, when you travel only about three hours from Miami to south you'll end up in Key West. It is an island just 90 kilometres from Cuba. The town has a lovely old fashioned feeling to it, which I always fancy. Even though it rained the whole day, I still kind of liked it and wished to be there for longer, as in anywhere in USA there is just toooooo much to see and experience.

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The trip to Key West from Miami doesn't cost itself that much (around 50 euros I would say). However as you get there, there is a lot of different kind of activities you can do. The agency which we used offered for example parasailing, snorkling and glassbottom boat (around 30-50 euros depending). As it was raining and we weren't really prepared for anything special we decided to do the glassbottom boat. It happened to be such a bad weather that the boat did not go their usual route, which ended up being pretty boring. We also thought that the "glassbottom" would have been more impressive. I would definitely recommend this to a nicer weather or for a person who loves biology, because the presentation offered a lot of education.
 photo IMG_5505_zps020f2637.jpg Your tourguide said that the perfect day in Key West would include something fun in the sea and something in the city. One option for only walking through the city as we did, would have been a trolley ride with these lovely old-timey trollies.
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Mallory Square is on the water front of Key West and the place to watch the sunset in the evening apparently, even though we didn't get to see that much because of the clouds. But there was lot beauty too see without it also, street performers and the sea, plus these old-fashioned popcorn stands and booths. And it is also the place to buy real sponges!
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