December 19, 2013

2 fears

1. Clowns and Santa Claus
This is fully an accident, that this post as well will have Christmas in it, but here it goes. I don't remember ever finding clowns or Santa anywhere amusing. There are different reasons for it I guess. I'm afraid of Santa because I was a shy child and hated when I had to go to Santa's lap or sing for him. It just made me super uncomfortable. That might be also because I don't remember believing it the Santa deception. I found it just odd and unlikeable and I also knew he was the man from the next door.

With clows, I think it is the same in the sense that I have always hated them. I don't know why, but something about all kinds of masks freak me out. Even if it is just facal paint, it is too much for me. Makes me think of murderers for some reason.

2. Heights
I have long hated heights. I don't exactly know since  when I have been actually afraid of them, but I still am. It has however happened that since I have been traveling by airplane in these past 2 and half years, more than I did before, I have overcome some of the fear for heights. Takeoff used to make me cry, but it doesn't anymore, and I'm happy about it, because I truly looooove traveling! Tall buildings nevertheless still get me my heart on my mouth.

 photo Pictures5_zps880e5100.jpg
Top of the Rock, NYC

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