December 14, 2013

6 items

Some of these items are especially relevant to the time of the year right now. Some are relevant to any time of the year. Of course in addition to these the most important stuff I always have with me is the normal: wallet, keys and phone, but I guess the meaning of those is pretty much the same for everyone, so I won't go more in detail to those.
But in addition I really treasure these following items:

1. The calendar. I would be completely lost without my daily calendar. It basically has my life in it. Few weeks ago I somehow managed to loose mine (probably left it to Oulu), and it could have devoloped to something horrible, as I wasn't sure when I was to go to school and when not and "what the heck did I have for homework?" happened couple of times, which is never good in IB, as your homework sometimes might be affecting your final grade. And I truly have the worst memory.

2. A pillow. Oh yes, I love to sleep. I rediscovered my love for my pillow last weekend, when for the first time in three to four weeks (or months) I actually had time to sleep! I also always bring my pillow with me if I have room in my suitcase, because I believe that good pillow is a start for good night's sleep. Of course this applies only when I'm sleeping on a school floor or something similar. In hotels they have excellent pillows!

3. My camera is my honey. I wish I could give it more effection though. Maybe soon in the sun.

4. Tossu. My most loved teddy bear is called Tossu (meaning: slipper). I haven't got it since I was little little girl because like most people have had their favorite stuffed animals, well... That's too mainstream. I got my favorite teddybear when I was already in school, maybe at age of 8 or something. Just wished for a teddy and got one, and I looooove it.

5. A spoon. I have random spoons everywhere. My jacket's pockets, my backpack, my gym bag, my pencil case and so on. I'm huge fan of spoon food as a snack so it happens that I always take a new one, and as I am always on the move they appear is strange places.

6. Woolen socks. I usually start wearing woolen socks in early autumn and stop wearing them in late spring, as my toes are always cold. They are just too comfortable to miss, and warm.

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