November 16, 2012

Photo bomb from EYP

All pictures are taken by our wonderful journalist Valtteri "Hector" Valtanen

Classy pizza on the first day!


Committee work

Presenting ideas

Working for solutions

More energy!

General Assembly and my bad (crazy) hairday

Stating opinions!

November 13, 2012

One of the best spend weekends in my life

I have been now home for little more than one day. And it has been weird. It is a whole new world in EYP sessions... I don't need to say, but it was AWESOME. I'm now hoping good news from the selection results.

First day was a lot of new people and definitely alot of new experiences! Right from the beginning the Session was really formal and the opening ceremony followed official protocols, which was kind of fun since it made me feel so important. First day mostly was only about getting to know each other and teambuilding, which was great since the topics on the next days were so hard to handle that you really needed to know the people around to so that you know how to work together to tackle those huge globally influencing issues.So it was all about Fred the Moose and Drunken Bottles and being silly and crazy on the first days.

The secong day of our EYP session we got into really working and discussing. Our committee of 11 people and chairman and journalist talked about climate change: From Durban to Doha: international climate talks have so far been a series of high-profile failures. With no conclusive agreement in sight and the goal of keeping the increase in global average temperature below 2 degrees becoming impossible to achieve, where should the EU lie in climate policy?

Engaging myself to talk about such an important issue as climate change wasn't hard. Brainstroming the problems and facts about climate change on the otherhand increased my comprehension of the wideness of the issue at hand. There was so much to talk about and everyone in our committee wanted to emphasize completely different kinds of matters. Some of us thought more globaly, some of us wanted to focus on the individuals. The more we got into the topic, the more my head got confused and I really realized how big the issue was. And I wrote about page long report about that on my CAS reflection... And that tells a lot! :D

General Assembly on next day was A LOT of discussing. At some point it felt like it would never end. But I loved it. Even tho I stood up and said my opinion only twice (and after that once to give a speech), because of my terrible stage fright, I enjoyed every minute of seeing and listening everyone else talk. It gave me so much new to think about.

All in all, the experience was eye-opening and life changing, and left me want more. I miss sleeping on the floor and being with the people are in some ways so much like I am. And even thought the resolutions were hard to make, it feeled like doing something great, something bigger than myself. Especially when I walked to the lectern and spoke all more than 100 pairs of ears and addressed our point.

My fellow delegate from my school, and my dear new(ish) friend!

I will add more photos, when I got them from our journalist and if he lets me to post them :)

November 4, 2012


© Jontte

© Jontte

I'm back, slowly but still back. I will apologize all ready now that I won't be able to post maybe as much as I want to and I'm holding on with my phone's camera, because I'm fed up with my systems camera, which I think is broken or something. Anyway I'm collecting money for new one and hopefully will get it after Christmas!

And to the topic!
I should add to my list of thinks I love this on: theme party! It is just something I really really like. Getting dressed for different kind of themes is actually quite fun! And with not much money to spend it is even more fun! You really have to think about how could you create an outfit from what you already have or could you do something cheap yourself. This time, to your IB's masquerade Halloween party I gladly already had a dress and I found pretty comely mask for only less than 3,5 euros! So this problem wasn't really even a problem.

But I already have next theme party coming up! Oh no! This time it will be at the European Youth Parliament's regional session's Farewell party next Saturday! And the theme is awful for me (and my wallet): Disco Inferno. Anyone having any great tips what should I wear or something to loan me perhaps?

Hitaasti olen täällä taas. Pyydän anteeks nytjo etten tuu postaamaan yhtä paljon ku eilen ja joudun pärjäämään kännykän kameran kanssa, koska oon ärsyyntyny oikeeseen järkkäriini, joka on rikki tai jtn vastaavaa. Mutta kuitenkin, kerään rahaa uuteen ja toivottavasti saan hankittua uuden heti joulu jälkee!

Ja aiheeseen!

Mun pitäis lisätä mun rakastamien asioiden listaan seuraava: teemajuhlat! Jotain mistä tykkään tosi tosi paljon! Tykkään laittautuu ja miettii asuja erilaisiin teemoihin sopiviksi ja se on oikeasti tosi hauskaa! Ja kun ei ole erityisen paljon rahaa, se voi olal viel hauskempaa. Täytyy miettii et miten teeman voin toteuttaa jostain mitä omistaa jo tai miten vois ostaa/tehdä jotain halvasti itse! Tällä kertaa, meijän IB:n Halloween naamiaisiin mulla onneksi oli jo mekko ja sain ostettua tosi halvalla Punanaamiosta itelleni kivan maskinkin! Joten tää ongelma ei oikeestaan ollu täl kertaa ees ongelma.

Mutta mulla on jo seuraavan teemajuhlat tiedossa! Voi ei! Tällä kertaa ne on European Youth Parliamen (Euroopan parlamentti nuorille) aluesession (miten nää kuuluu suomentaa?) läksiäisjuhlat! Ja teema mulle tulee olemaan älyttömän vaikea: Disco Inferno. Kenelläkään mitään vinkkejä tai jotain mitä voisin lainata ehkä?