May 29, 2013

Stop in the sun

The sun still surprises me everytime! Hopefully I will get used to it before August and it won't surprise me in Greece, where I will be delegating again in EYP session! If we with Roosa ever find our way.

Now to todays way too dark outfit:
shirt-H&M | skirt- | sunglasses-Cubus | jewelry- Gina Tricot | belt- flea market

May 28, 2013

Smart title about first times (outfit of the day)

 photo IMG_2866_zpsd2e89af2.jpg
Jacket- Saints&Mortals, Carlings | shirt- JC | shorts- DIY | sunglasses- H&M
 photo IMG_2891_zpsd17d180d.jpg
Nailpolish I fell in love with- Mary Kay
 photo 20130527_zps8de73401.jpg
Shoes- Vans | Jewelry- Thomas Sabo and Nomination

There are first things for everything. In this post there is 3 first times:
1. I'm actually posting "day's outfit" -pics
2. I'm writing at the end of the post, after the pics
3. I'm wearing my DIY-shorts from few posts back

Real blogger would ask, what do you think?

May 15, 2013

DIY x2

Because of my accomplishment of not being sick, not dying and not failing completely more than one exam, I'm devoting this upcoming week for relaxing starting fully from Friday. I would have so much to tell and write about but I think I will this time get straight to the point.

My two DIY, from the past 7 days. 

1. Last Sunday was Mother's Day, and because I was away (woop, EYP stuff) I needed to prepare my mother's day gift perfect, before the actual weekend.
This was something she requested from me LONG time ago, just after all the shoe stores changed to selling winter shoes, so my mom was extremely happy when she saw these. I think she was a bit jealous of the shoes I made for my friend Lotta about a year ago.

And yes, she had already wore them when I took these pics, sorry about the mud. I basically had to wrench them from her hand, so that's why really quickly taken and poor quality pics!

 photo IMG_2561_zps7cf87f9a.jpg  photo IMG_2560_zpsadce2102.jpg  photo IMG_2559_zpse3bdd7b9.jpg  photo IMG_2557_zpsba0521ab.jpg  photo 201305_zps4502d36c.jpg
2. Today I started getting my mind of school by pimping up my old jeans. I'm at the moment really into renewing my closet and throwing away and fixing my old ones like a crazy. So when I came across with these horrible, old, broken jeans I had two choices, either to make them disapper or make them into something new. And green and hippie as I am I choose the later one!

 photo IMG_2567_zpsd105e28a.jpg
 photo IMG_2572_zps466817d6.jpg  photo IMG_2591_zps3de991e7.jpg photo IMG_2601_zpsc83503ff.jpg

ps. got rid of the old picture frames 

May 4, 2013


Sleeping seems not to be enough, I need vacation, a long one.
I long to the sun, adventures and laughter. I want to spend time with my friends and not to worry about school and other stress. I want to learn about people firsthand, not from the book in the libary, where my eyes only drift observing other people, and I cannot ask them what are they doing. I cannot just stay and stare at them. And it's not just because that would be rude but also that I need to get my eyes back to the book and understand what other people have found and think about the world.

I have come to the realization that the school might not be the best thing for me. I strongly agree with people who say that schooling system is not educating us but rather shoveling information down our throats. I should remember tens of quotes from four Finnish prose books, names of researchers, dates and word lists that I will never use in real life. And mostly I don't even have a choice of doing otherwise. Either school, it will be the same.

If you do not almost drown in the pool of information and somehow survive, you won't be able to get in university, not a good job and that means that you will be nothing. It doesn't matter that I have learned to deal with my stress, I know how to get on with almost everyone if I need to or that I'm so interested about things, but never really got to do/learn it my way.

It is funny because I (and everybody else) do this just to get to play in my own rules in the future. At least to some extent.

May 1, 2013

Dying project

I have two dying projects going on.
1. My TOK-presentation which is falling apart and I realized I still suffer from terrible stage fright
2. And the other one is actually with an e, and is my hoodie.

We got our amazing ABI-clothes last week, but the moment I got mine I was dissapointed. I thought that I had ordered a black one with nice white prints, but instead I had in front of me white hoodie with black prints. My bad. I hated it, since I almost never use white as such. But I got an awesome idea to dye it and here's how it turned out:

 photo Pictures1_zps4ce0b750.jpg
 photo Pictures_zpsc46cd7be.jpg
 photo Pictures2_zps7f55bac2.jpg

The hoodie turned out just like I wanted it! And it was super easy, you needed only 4 things:
1. Dylon textile color
2. 500g normal salt
3. Washing machine
4. Laundry detergent

 photo IMG_2346_zps23e6f75f.jpg  photo IMG_2345_zps59354318.jpg

And marked as green, you can see what I'm doing today

 Hyvää vappua! ...