December 9, 2013

7 moments I would love to relive

Sometimes I really hope that I would not be a kind of person who looks back and says "I wish I had..." but unfortunely I am. These moments which I will be listing now, however, are not those things (more than partly) which I would like to change.

1. Trip to London with my class. Especially the moments in the evening when we hanged together and the free time around the city. Anytime.

 photo 7moments1_zpsd09a1745.jpg
 I might look horrible in the pictures, but I for sure had the time of my life!

2. A christmas when I was a little girl. I'm not much of a Christmas person, but that might be due to the stress I nowadays have about the holiday. I used to really like Christmases as all children, much because I got a lot of presents. (Btw, this is the first, and maybe the last, post this year really having Christmas stuff in it!)

 photo 7moments_zps3e8250ff.jpg
 That's me and my hair

3. Prometheus-camp nights (and nights after it with the same people). I still think that the best week of my life was my Prometheus camp. I grew in one week so much and had sooooo much silly fun time. But above all those I really enjoyed the bright summer nights and the discussions we had as a group in there. For long time after the camp the people in there were like my second family. I can still picture the first time I saw live bats, how the water felt like in the night and how good it felt to be hugged by all of them.

 photo 545_zps5fba6298.jpg

4. IB Baptism and the afterparty. Simply had the time of my life, in many respects. Although I never would have pictured myself dressing up as turkey and doing all that embrassing stuff on the market square of my town.

(There's no picture in here because the pics from the Baptism are non blog-material)

5. First kiss with anyone I have kissed (of course taken that the situation in other respects would be the same as well). I think it is the most exciting feeling in the whole world to kiss a person for the first time. Especially because I haven't ever kissed, not even a single time, a person I would not have cared/loved, which makes me regret non of them. And the moments worth living again.

 photo 804_zps25ec825f.jpg

6. My time in Ohio. My first experience on Americans was so welcoming and warm that I would give a lot to experience that again. Generosity and kindness of people in Ohio really surprised me in good way! I still miss my American sister from there!

 photo 7moments2_zps2fe42b6a.jpg

7. Quiet moments with Keikki. Oh how much I would love to relive those times. As silly as it might seem, especially when I'm really angry at the world, sad or just generally pissed, I wish she would be there to let me be in that way, without no questions, without getting angry at me being angry. Just being there so that I could be quiet and not alone at the same time. Because sometimes the harderst thing to do is to keep smiling and talking to people, when you really do not want to.

 photo P4103117_zpsb976dad7.jpg


  1. Mietin just eilen Lontoota ja miten mahtavaa se oli... Haluisin niin takas niihin öisiin keskusteluihin ja siihen suunnattomaan i n n o s t u k s e e n kun ravattiin keskenämme kaupungilla!

    1. Voi niitä aikoja kun meillä ei ollut huolen häivää :D:D

  2. HANI <3 kaipaan sua niin että sattuu
    ps mun hauskin lontoomuisto on se eka ilta ku vaa ragettiin sitä huoneasiaa :D:D:D:D:DD (oon vieläki sitä mieltä et se oli epäreilua)

    1. SAMOIN! Plus en ikinä pääse yli siitä "watch you language" -jutusta. It still SUCKS. ::D:D:D