January 26, 2014

The main attraction, basketball (Miami continues)

Yeap. I'm going to post all the Miami related things in following weeks.

So here is the main reasons why we chose to go to Miami this time: sun and The Heat. And by the heat I don't refer to the weather, but to the basketball team, which happens to be my little brother's favorite. For sure, AAA-stadium was not my idea of perfect destination. But it happened to be guite cool. Although our seats were way too high and I have terrrrible fear of height and vertigo. In spite of that I gathered once again that sports in the States are more than just sports, they're whole package shows and great entertainment. Even when the teams just had a short time-out, something happened. Videos, games, lotteries and Miami Heat Dancers. I found myself enjoying the game quite a lot.

So I think this could become my USA trip tradition: always trying a new sport to watch. I think next up is American football, since I have covered baseball and basketball now. And I also have a awful penkkiurheilu -fever (I have no idea how to translate penkkiurheilu, I think the closest is "spectator sport", something I rather watch than participate in). So next up in my sport list is to go and watch here in Finland my favorite sport, volleyball.

So here are some pictures from the Miami Heat game and the Miami Hurricanes game:

 photo IMG_5240_zps84fa0911.jpg

 photo IMG_5237_zps321c422b.jpg

 photo Koripallo2_zps3f6b991a.jpg

 photo Koripallo_zpsec3f67fb.jpg

 photo IMG_5542_zpsa23c02f1.jpg

 photo IMG_5580_zpsd02af330.jpg MaybeI'll slowly develop an ability to follow sports. Or not.


  1. Ei tää voita sitä, et saisin kuulla näitä juttuja kasvotusten mut silti: ihanaa kuulla teiän matkasta! Oot rakas!

    1. On mulla muitakin juttuja ku näitä mitä tänne kirjottelen! Saat ihan exclusive matskua sitten :-) Oot rakkaampi!