February 27, 2015


Ever since I found a pile of cross-stitch patterns from my grandma's house I have been dying to try them out. Not everyone has cross-stitch patterns from 1910's in 4 different languages (thanks great grandma for bringing those from all over the world with your ship captain husband). The only problem was that I haven't had any clothes needing a make-over, no piece of clothing/cloth missing embellishing. When the Christmas came I saw my opportunity right away.

There are many people that love cross-stitches (as they are coming back, hipster style), but one of my friends above all was perfect for this present. I knew right away that Keikki only would appreciate my handmade cross-stitched towels as much as I do.

So I took all those beautiful, much loved pattern from our bookshelf and started to marvel. It took me quite some time to set on lettering and pattern I wanted to use. And there is still so so many I want to try out. But here are the two kitchen towels I made for my kitchen loving K.

 photo IMG_0966_zpsqcbb2zrq.jpg
 photo 2014-12-16 Keikin joululahja_zpshud8eygo.jpg
 photo IMG_0974_zpsr6x5sxip.jpg

I think this project made me want to name all my future towels. So pretty and so much fun to do. Great way to relax after a long hard day. You get your mind of everything and just stitch. 

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