November 30, 2014

DIY: Candy infused vodka

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About a two weeks ago I had one of my best friend's housewarming party. As if she would have not been living in this town for several months already. Anyways, I wanted to do something special as a housewarming gift. Roosa, however, is a very prepared person and hence would have not needed household appliances (as many other young people moving away from home). So when I saw this DIY in A Beautiful Mess -blog, few weeks back, I was reminded that I had heard about this before too. One of the best shots I have actually ever drank was a Skittles-shot we made with a group of friends.

So infused vodka it was. It took me some time to decide which flavors I would do, and some not so successful test runs. In the end I just walked in to a candy store and picked up two candies that I thought would be good for infusing, hard peppermint candies and pineapple jellybeans, and hoped for the best.

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All I needed was the following:

1 handful of peppermint candies
1 handful of pineapple jellybeans
2 little bottles (I used recycled mini smoothie bottles of 250ml)
2 bottles for mixing (don't have to be pretty)
4 labeling stickers
0,5 liters of vodka

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Infusing was super simple!
I simply just put handful of candy on the bottom of the bottle and pored vodka on top of them. After this I let them sit a while (shaking them every now and then) and over night. 

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Peppermint-vodka was way simpler than pineapple one, since all of the candy infused to the vodka overnight. Jellybeans, however, left somewhat gross slimy beans behind. But that was easy to fix. Simply by putting the mix through coffee filter paper the problem was solved. The only thing that was compromised a bit was the color, which lost bit of its brightness, but very little.

The taste in both was great, but our favorite was Peppermint. Not only is it superduper cute in color, it also tasted exactly like the candy. Better than any other mint vodka I have had. It blended great with chocolate milk too, and I think would make the perfect drink for winter with hot chocolate.

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