April 19, 2012

London squeezed into one post

Hitting the road with Kerttuli

Wallpaper in our room, looks nice but was shitty. Just like the whole hotel.

The spring was further than in Finland and green is greener in UK.
Vivi, the cutest tourist!

Our hotel...

New shoes!

Crêpes in front of the British Museum
King's Speech in Wyndham's Theatre

M&M's world

Yo Sushi in Paddington

From Camden

From Rokit

Camden, 2 for £5

Camden, £10

Loving the River Island, £15

2 for £10 from HMV (had to also bought the King's Speech)

Yeah. I was thinking about doing several posts about my London trip, but I realized that I don't have much to share about it. I didn't took pics from the sights, because I already have taken those on my two previous trips, and I sort of ditched from most of the sight-seeing opportunities. The trip was awesome tho, pretty much just hanging around the London with my best friends and shopping as you can see above. And avoiding going back to the hotel! It was the worst I have ever been in. Not many bathrooms, had to share them with way too many people, the floors were dirty and staff was 24/7 pissed off to us... And there was only one socket for 5 people.


  1. Iiiiihanii kuvii ja noi sun kengät on niin sympaattiset, jos sillee voi sanoo kengistä!! ♥


    1. Ai noi mun converset? :D Ne oli "käytetyt" ja makso vaa eurois joku vajaa 30!!