June 5, 2013

First things first (room post)

I have TONS of school things yet to done. But what I do: watch two seasons of akward. and randomly organize and clean my room. Anything to keep me away from my extended essay and written assignment.

Anyhow, I decided to post my very own and first room post, so here is my humble abode:

 photo IMG_2994_zps65fa3282.jpg
 photo 2013062_zps94ebd90a.jpg
 photo 2013061_zps986d51c4.jpg
And just to be clear my room is not usually this clean. Only about one fourth of the time and when I'm not home.

 photo 201306_zps558fc049.jpg


  1. Aivan ihana tuo hyllykkö! taitaa olla Ikeasta?

    1. Sieltähän se, kunnon roippeen kerääjä! :D