April 7, 2015

My mom's favorite chocolate muffins

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Spring must be the most busiest time for me. Last spring I was basically living in the town's library when I was reading for my final exams. And as it happens, it is my home this spring too, because basically until I'll out of university, my life will probably be reading for exams and studying. But for now, I just need to get in to an university.

How does my study habits relate to the subject of muffins?
I will tell you; they are the easiest and fastest bakes I can make. And they still look aborable. I needed something easy and quick for my birthday as I only had one evening to bake for my birthday guests.

In my opinion this muffin could use some frosting or berries, but my mom love-love-looooooves them. So if you like chocolate and feel like doing something quick and easy, definitely give these muffins a go. I cannot take all the credit from this recipe, since Roosa gave it to me few years back as a christmas present. 

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