October 25, 2014

artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball

There is something about this woman, that makes my heart stop, my feet dancing and my eyes teary.
My whole life I have admired strong women. 
Those who are not afraid to say what's on their mind.
That is why I love Lady Gaga.

 photo 201409_zpsdc697356.jpg

I have goose bumps everytime I hear her talking on behalf of those who are discriminated, bullied or treated with hatred and insolence they do not deserve. 
When I hear her talking about how others are on the wrong side of the history. 
And by others I mean those people who think that somehow love that you feel could blacken your soul. In my book, and apparently in many others as well, love is the only thing that can keep your heart good, no matter towards who you feel it. 
It is one of the few things I'm as sure of.

I would never leave this side of the history.

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