February 9, 2014

Valentine's Day

I was going to write in Finnish today, but for some annoying reason it just didn't feel right! I guess I have brainwashed myself into writing only English in here, and maybe that's good. That way everyone can understand me.

So yesterday, even though it was 9th of February we decided to celebrate Valentine's day. This resulted from the fact that H is travelling to Austria on Wednesday to chair in EYP -day our friend is organizing. And hence he will miss our penkkarit as well as Valentine's Day. In not so comparable manner I will be celebrating my Valentine's Day on ABI-cruise with the best girls in the whole world!

Nevertheless, this is how we celebrated the Valentine's Day this year:

 photo IMG_6394_zpse68a639d.jpg H is not really a flower giving guy, but for this time he made an exception and brought be tulips!
 photo IMG_6375_zpsfa453430.jpg And we ended up in Panini! Best crayfish pasta I have ever eaten!

 photo IMG_6385_zps2615fdd8.jpg How are you celebrating Valentine's Day this year?


  1. Kivan oloinen blogi! Mä vietän ystävänpäivän mun poikaystävän kanssa, onneks se pääsee intistä lomille ens viikonlopuksi!

    1. Kuullostaa ihanalta! :) Kävin kurkkaamassa sun blogin myös!

  2. Jeijjjj cruise with lovelies can't wait! <3

  3. Replies
    1. Sorgee! :D Se on yksinkertaistettu sanonta :)