March 30, 2016

Where did Venice get its name (+Santa Monica pier)

Spring is coming and with it my inspiration to write again.
Also, I want to share my California pictures before my next trip to Barcelona on May, whii!

So back to Venice beach it is!
On the second day of our trip we decided to take up on the recommendation by our Hotel Staff to rent a bike, and bike the beach to Santa Monica and back and check out the old canals.
Yes, Venice beach was once made to resemble Venice, Italy. Most of the old canals have been made to roads by now but there where still some that haven't. In my opinion those canal side houses looked pretty amazing!


On our trip to Santa Monica we decided that we wanted to check out the pier and its amusement park later on the night time. So worth it, not because of the rides or anything like that, but because it makes it so much fun to watch American TV series and such that have been filmed on the pier. Also the ocean tides rushing to the beach were pretty amazing in the night.


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