February 11, 2015

Idle hands are sad hands

Especially after my graduation from IB, I have had this constant desire to make something with my hands. 
Paint, write, draw, craft. 
Anything as long as it does not involve academic concentration or reading. 

Here are two super easy DIYs I have done lately, and feel that are worth sharing!

First up, these super cute ring holders. 
I got the tip from (my) queen of DIY -blog followers: Keikki.  
She got the tip from here.

 photo IMG_1026_zpsoijuwbcp.jpg

Second one I came across very randomly at a flea market. 
I was immediately drawn to this one bowl, but in closer inspection it proved to be bit damaged. 
Perfect DIY subject! For just 3 euros!

Hiding the paint chips was easy and required only 3 steps. Photo here.
1. Taping 
2. Two to three coats of acrylic paint
3. Little bit glossy varnish to keep the paint on (spray was super easy) 

I think this will make an awesome bowl for keeping random little stuff, like pens and keys, in order somewhere like living room or hallway.

 photo IMG_1022_zpshhmogsxj.jpg

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