March 29, 2014

Early spring outfit

Yesterday was the last day of IB ever again. I think I haven't even really realized it fully, that I will never again have to suffer another learning outcome or IA through. Even though IB has been the most challenging three years of my life and I hated so many moments in the lessons and exams, it was still very melancholic to let it go. It was not that I would miss the hundreds of hours of PowerPoints and listening to teachers telling how this would be something that for sure will be asked in our finals, but what I can say for sure I'll miss is my friends.

IB is special in the sense that you share the same lessons and class through all 3 years, unlike in other high schools in Finland. Due to this, you'll grow very keen on the people you share your time with. Additionally IBers are the only people that can relate to other IBers. You will never get the same amount of sympathy from people outside the system. That support network has also expanded outside the school related things, and the people in IB are for sure the best group of friends I have made. I will definitely miss them next year when we all expand to different parts of the world.

Here, however, is the outfit from Thursday, all unrelated to everything. Just felt a lot like spring because of last days of school and everything. And, you know the feeling when you really like what you're wearing and feel like yourself, well this was that kind of outfit for me. Skater skirt, 3/4 sleeve shirt and denim vest with my favorite color of leather!

 photo IMG_6975_zps1811e5b3.jpg
 photo 2014033_zps7b3d7b8e.jpg
 photo IMG_6982_zps9b1c1c00.jpg
 photo 2014034_zpse9cf6ad7.jpg
 photo IMG_6986_zpscacdf2b2.jpg


  1. Tää on kauheeta! Elisen wilmaviesti oli niin surullinen ja Mervin jäähyväispuhe meil HL ihmisil! IBarit on parhaita. Torres/Sufossa sit itketään!

  2. är aa koo aa äs oot söpöin. ainoo mikä puuttuu on polvisukat!

    1. äm uu är uu oot ihanin kommaaja! :) Ja nii puuttuuki oon ilman niitä vaa 99%