January 25, 2014

Every holiday needs little art (Miami)

I wouldn't say that Miami is the place to go if seeking for great museums and a lot of art. At least compared to some of the places I have travelled, such as Rome or New York. But there are still some cool art stuff to see even in Miami Beach. And although our agenda for this trip was not art (but more like the basketball) we still came across some pretty cool art and history.

Mostly I would say that Miami Beach itself is a "art museum" with all its Art Deco buildings. But besides that we also visited The Wolfsonian FIU museum, which portrays a lot of sort of "propaganda" art and such. I think the mission statement of the museum says it all:
The Wolfsonian uses objects to illustrate the persuasive power of art and design, to explore what it means to be modern, and to tell the story of social, political, and technological changes that have transformed our world. It encourages people to see the world in new ways, and to learn from the past as they shape the present and influence the future.

 photo IMG_5322_zpsf3fe3708.jpg For some reason I always find propaganda posters really fascinating.  photo Art2_zps8b0427e3.jpg Two of my favorites in Wolfsonian photo Art1_zps4af99078.jpg

We also walked in a gallery in Lincoln Road, which actually happened to be the ArtCenter South Florida. Inside the center you could see the unfinished paintings of the artists working there as well as their finished work and even them as they were working on a piece. I wished we would have known about this place little sooner and got there when more artists were working. However, it was still a great experience. Especially if the process of making art interest you, as it does interest me. Somehow unfinished works seem to be the most interesting ones usually. Anyhow, I could have been there forever, but as said we weren't there for the art, but for the sun and basketball.

 photo IMG_6009_zpscde3fecf.jpg  Artist's workplace  photo IMG_6010_zps83f85dbe.jpg Wish I could have seen the space of this artist, unfortunately she was not there at the moment  photo IMG_6012_zpsddaf89dc.jpg
One of my personal favorites at the ArtCenter. The light in live was really amazing. 

Little pieces of art will also in Miami come across you if you just keep your eyes open.  photo Art_zps9c2fd2e8.jpg Bear in a museum park near our hotel and downtown Miami street art (details were really amazing in those graffitis)

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