October 11, 2013

Little something

I think that the most important thing in this planet are us, people, and the choices we make. I think we are the problem and the solution to many things, and in order to influence us we have to gain more understanding of who we are, and try and influence on each other the best possible way.

By these two things I'm aiming at my ambitions as humanist. I really hope and someday I could influence and/or understand people little bit more than I do now. I wish that psychology and other human sciences could someday reach the level of natural sciences in explaining what we are and why. And at the same time I'm intrigued by the fact that we maybe never will understand ourselves as we do understand others. Little part of me wishes it would stay that way.

We know why rains starts, or the winter comes, or even more cliche, we know that the earth is not flat. We think we know how people around us are alike. Some are funny and some are shy, some are social butterflies, some are throughoutly evil and others have good heart. We think we know everything about what is happening around us, or think that we can someday know.  But what we in so many cases do not understand, or what is the most harderst to understand is who we ourselves are. It is easier to describe your best friend than say what kind of person I myself am.

I have always been hugely interested in people. I think they are the most facinating thing this world has to offer. They all have their past, their future, their present. Their ideas, emotions, opinions are all different and yet somehow most of them are right, in their own little universe. There is no right way to see the world, I guess. I wish that I could someday be part of someone's live through helping them as psychologist or influencing on their view of world by writing/photographing/saying something that made them feel something or think in new ways.Only time will so me will I ever do that.

Today I got selected as the editor of the school magazine, which for the first time in my time in that school, has as big group as it has now. Being selected made me think about Gilmore Girls' Rory and how I admired her in the series. I know that being the editor of our school's paper is nothing like being editor on American private school's paper or colleges paper, but I'm still proud to have this opportunity. And I'm really excited about all of this and that was what triggered me to write little bit more about what I have stuck in my head. I think that this magazine will be really cool, all the ideas in people minds which got out in our meeting, were amazing.

I'm really sorry about all the grammar and typing mistakes, I'm writing this in a dark bus on my way to Kotka and five star treatment with my best girl Kerttuli!


  1. ihanasti kirjotettu ja oot kyl niin timanttia koko tyttö ♥ ily so much