May 1, 2013

Dying project

I have two dying projects going on.
1. My TOK-presentation which is falling apart and I realized I still suffer from terrible stage fright
2. And the other one is actually with an e, and is my hoodie.

We got our amazing ABI-clothes last week, but the moment I got mine I was dissapointed. I thought that I had ordered a black one with nice white prints, but instead I had in front of me white hoodie with black prints. My bad. I hated it, since I almost never use white as such. But I got an awesome idea to dye it and here's how it turned out:

 photo Pictures1_zps4ce0b750.jpg
 photo Pictures_zpsc46cd7be.jpg
 photo Pictures2_zps7f55bac2.jpg

The hoodie turned out just like I wanted it! And it was super easy, you needed only 4 things:
1. Dylon textile color
2. 500g normal salt
3. Washing machine
4. Laundry detergent

 photo IMG_2346_zps23e6f75f.jpg  photo IMG_2345_zps59354318.jpg

And marked as green, you can see what I'm doing today

 Hyvää vappua! ...

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