February 23, 2013

If you ever go to Tallinn

I strongly recommend few things as I just came back from there and had a lovely 3days there.

1. If you want to visit museums, check their opening hours, some of them are closed not only on Monday like most of museum around world but also on Tuesdays or on Wednesdays.
2. If you are an vegeterian like I, I strongly suggest you trying a restaurant called Aed. Haven't seen that good vegeterian dishes with such an excellent prices in long time. And even if you would be the only vegeterian in the group you are travelling with, Aed will serve you all. It seemed so at least to my eye that my meat eating boyfriend also liked what he ate, and it was meaty!
3. Try as many cafe's as you can! Eating out and having little breaks every now and then in the old town, was very much cheeper than in Finland and I had few extremely good breaks because of that
4. Before you climb all the way up to the vantage point in the Old Town, remember to check that you have your memory card in your camera... This is said in deep voice of "been there done that and still little bit pissed" 
5. I also recommed Tallinn in the summer, as the old town was very slushly in this time of year and we drifted indoors a lot of time even tho there would have been a lot to see outdoors
6. If you are fed up with the over priced movies in Finland and can watch films without subtitels I definitely would recommend you go to movies in Estonia. Seeing movie in movie theater is like half as much as in here and the movies are basically the same, just Estonian subtitels.

Our lovely and just right hotel

The only view I got photo of

Only art we saw at Kumu
Maritime museum


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